The PPE Society

The PPE Society's purpose is to help guide students on the course through all aspects of university life. We are mainly a social organisation, creating networks between students and arranging events to meet like-minded and interesting people. The society is involved in holding a number of talks geared towards the benefit of PPE students in particular, such as careers talks and seminars held by university academics about the relevance of studying PPE.

We also organize help-sessions for first years to aid them in signing up for modules and tutorials, and on how to use the MyManchester Student System. Every year we sell personalised PPE hoodies, the designs of which change every year. We will be selling them early in the semester.

Membership to the society is free. Each PPE student has to sign up to the society yearly, and this will be organised at the beginning of the academic year. It is crucial that you sign up at the beginning of each year as we receive funding for the society from the Student Union for every student.

Your PPE Family

The PPE Peer Mentoring Scheme makes sure that all first year students have a 'family' made up of other first years and two or three second or third year 'parents', who are there to help you if you have any questions or problems about the course or uni life in general. Mentors are there to help you with a wide range of issues; social, academic or anything else that’s troubling you. Keep in contact and do not hesitate to ask them for help if you are in need.

There are two Peer Mentor Coordinators, Niamh and Charlie, who are in charge of assigning mentors to all the first years. All 'Parents' have undergone Peer Mentoring training on how best to assist and support first years regarding key issues that affect most first year students. Also, they have all volunteered, so even if you just want to chat, they would be happy to help.